Kava Kocktails

Hand-Crafted Kava Kocktails

Our Kava Kocktails are served in a completely new and modern way, changing the way you think about the traditional nature of this centuries old tradition. Built out of a love for kava and the ceremony surrounding its consumption, we’ve created an inviting atmosphere for kava connoisseurs and newbies alike to experience the elixir of the “intoxicating pepper” plant.

What is Kava?

Kava is made from the roots of the Pipe methysticum, “intoxicating pepper” plant. The roots of this plant are chewed or ground and then steeped in water to create a beverage that is muddy in appearance and earthy in flavor.   For centuries, kava has been consumed in ceremonies and as a way of showing respect for visitors in the Pacific Islands. While kava still has its place in traditional South Pacific ceremonies, today kava can be found in health food stores and is more commonly consumed as a social beverage.

What Kind of Kava
Does Green Spot Serve?

Green Spot serves noble kava from the South Pacific Island of Vanuatu. Noble kava consists of the perfect balance of kavalactones: the active ingredient in kava responsible for its calming effects. The ancestors of Vanuatu discovered and cultivated what we know today as Kava. Vanuatu is known for its high-quality kava and is the home of more varieties of kava than anywhere else. Vanuatu law dictates all exported kava must be grown organically without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Additionally, only the lateral roots that have been cultivated for at least five years are used, giving Green Spot’s kava a smoother flavor and pleasant effects.

Kava Kocktails

Green Spot’s Kava Koctails are served in a completely different way. Once you’ve chosen one of our 26 flavors to sweeten up your beverage, we begin our mixing and cooling process. We promise, you’ve never seen kava served like this! Additionally, Maca and Matcha Shots can be added to any Kocktail for a healthy boost. Prepare to be intrigued by our contemporary method for providing you with a modern twist on a centuries old ceremonial tradition.